About Me

Hey. My name is Will.

I'm a writer (of code, and now often words). I spend my life building the future of healthcare for patients, so I think a lot about medical incentive design, computational drug design, and building scalable care systems.

These days, I'm investing (and now managing the Boston practice of) First Round Capital's Dorm Room Fund, and fumbling around at Olin College pretending to be an engineer. Previously, I researched interpretability problems for machine learning systems in bioinformatics at Foundation Medicine, pioneered one-shot learning systems for EHR data and lead product for PathwaysAI, and was a visiting researcher at Immuuneering where I was working on NLP systems for clinical data. 

In my free time, I frequent independent bookstores, obsess over Boston public transport, and race sailboats. I love reading about organizational design, stoic philosophy, and typology.