Hey. My name is Will.

I'm a writer (of code, and now often words). I spend my life building the future of healthcare for patients, so I think a lot about medical incentive design, computational drug design, and building scalable care systems.

These days I’m leading, a venture-backed biotech working on evidence generation in biomedicine. Previously, I invested with (and managed the Boston practice of) First Round Capital's Dorm Room Fund, researched interpretability problems for machine learning systems in bioinformatics at Foundation Medicine, pioneered few-shot learning systems for EHR data and lead product for PathwaysAI, and was a visiting researcher at Immuneering. I cut my teeth at Olin College, an experimental engineering college outside of Boston

In my free time, I frequent independent bookstores, obsess over Boston public transport, and race sailboats. I love reading about abstraction, organizational theory, and internet culture. I love to read about organizational theory, gonzo journalism, and internet culture.