Why I learn in public

I can only learn ideas when I have the opportunity to discuss, explain, or debate them with other people. At least for me, learning is a singularly collaborative experience. I see the internet as a way to see if summarizing, writing up, and reiterating the highlights of what I’ve thought about or learned each day can have a similar effect.

I aim to write frequently enough that you don’t ascribe my writing as my opinions, but instead a stream of thoughts. A few things to expect:

  • My views will likely not be internally consistent, however they will be intellectual honest and the truest possible reflection of how my current understanding of the world. 

  • They are liable to change. And when they do, I will note them publicly and explain my errors.

  • I will often write to explore ideas, it is not safe to assume true endorsement of any particular idea or school of thought.

  • They will come from a place of empathy, and when they do not they should be scorned. 

This represents a volume in a long journey of experiments to optimize my learnings. It comes with no promise of results, but instead a promise to experiment.